Are Catholic schools accredited?

All Catholic schools in the Archdiocese of Las Vegas are accredited through the Western Catholic Education Association (WCEA). Each school goes through a continuous six-year review cycle that focuses on the academic growth of the institution.

Do Catholic schools provide the same (or more) opportunities as publicly-funded schools?

Yes, Catholic schools outperform their public school counterparts and provide just as many opportunities. Catholic schools are able to do this with a lower cost to educate.

How safe and secure are Catholic schools?

Catholic schools are communities that are conscious at all times of the safety of each student. With typically smaller class sizes and less total students, our teachers, administrators, and parent community know each student. Each school has secure facilities and practice for every potential event that could happen on site. In addition, trained and licensed Security Officers are assigned to each of our schools. Most importantly, Catholic schools are communities where every individual is valued and supported.

Can I afford a Catholic education for my family?

Each school and our Diocese has made a commitment to supporting all families who desire a Catholic education. Parents seeking tuition assistance may do so through the Diocesan Tuition Assistance Fund as well as the Nevada Choice Scholarship Program. To find out what financial assistance programs your local school offers, please contact them to set up a tour and see how affordable high quality Catholic education can be.

Will a Catholic school prepare my student for success in the future economy?

Catholic schools have been on the forefront of innovation for decades with their focus on developing the whole person in Christ. Our schools have never looked at the success of a student by just a grade point average. Instead, we have always developed the entire student in the person of Jesus Christ. This means creating leaders who will go out to change the world. Catholic schools in the Archdiocese of Las Vegas are pushing forward to educate creative, collaborative, and critically thinking students with a wide range of programs and opportunities that drive the necessary skills to lead in the next generation workforce.

What standards are used in Catholic schools?

Students are assessed using a Common Core referenced assessment that is nationally normed. Our schools meet and exceed these Standards through the incorporation of emerging and best practice research to ensure that our instructional programs fully develop each individual student’s potential.

Is a Catholic school welcoming to all students?

Catholic schools celebrate diversity and understand that we can only grow from understanding each other. Students from all faiths, backgrounds, and cultures have flourished in our system. The word “Catholic” means universal, and we strive to make our Catholic school communities welcoming to all.