We chose a Catholic Education for our daughters because we felt it would teach them how to be and grow into loving, smart, humble young adults. The education they receive is amazing! The families at the Catholic schools are kind and supporting of one another. We know that our daughters are receiving the best education Nevada has to offer.
Lauria Family

We are overjoyed with our child’s progress. Miss Domschot and Mrs. Larson care deeply about each child in their class. We could not have chosen a better school for our girl.
Shevorski Family

St. Francis has been a very special place for our family. They have provided an excellent foundation for our three children, not just an academic but also life skills that focus on faith.
Osotio Family

St. Francis is a very welcoming and loving community for all families. The faculty continues to grow and nurture beliefs and virtues in our children that aid them in the future.
Balsicas Family

We are so grateful to have found Saint Francis. The teachers have been amazing! We are grateful that Saint Francis is teaching our children spiritually and academically. All the children are very respectful and the teachers are always approachable to help or give advice.
Gagne Family

For my own children, having the support of Faith formation and a place for spiritual growth was crucial for their development. Education shouldn’t stop with textbooks, but begin with the Bible’s teachings.
Feely Family

We are blessed and thankful that our family gets to be a part of St Francis de Sales School.  Thanks to the dedicated teachers and staff, the level of education and faith are boys have received has been excellent.
Mora Family

We are new this year to St. Francis de Sales Catholic school. We moved to Las Vegas from Guam last year and being at St. Francis has given us a sense of belonging and a family. It’s a great close-knit community and we always appreciate the smiles and happiness of all the staff, Administration, and teachers. Thank you!
Lomeli Family

St. Francis teachers are the best, dedicating their time and effort to each student. St. Francis teaches the children about God and how their spirituality is very important to their lives on a daily basis.
Nunez Family

Catholic education enriches the heart of our children every day. Our children feel happy, safe, and at home.
Tapia-Zamora Family

St. Francis de Sales provides such a warm and welcoming environment to our son to learn and grow. We are amazed by how much he has learned academically and grown spiritually in the two years that he has been here. The teachers are dedicated to serving their students and helping them reach their full potential both academically and spiritually. We are excited to continue to watch our son grow in his love of learning and his faith and we are excited for our daughter to attend when she is old enough. We feel so blessed to be a part St. Francis de Sales family.
Bass Family

St. Francis is a wonderful school that is filled with amazing educators and an awesome community of parents.  We absolutely love this school! We are blessed and grateful to be a part of it.

Ellis Family

We choose to send our children to St. Francis de Sales because we value Catholic education that they are receiving.  We love the Catechesis of the Good Shepard program and the overall environment at SFDS.

Mariani Family

St. Francis de Sales school is the safest school community I could have asked for my kids.  The staff upholds their vision of providing a high standard of education while molding the kids to be the best they could be.  I like that my kids feel loved and appreciated by their classmates, teachers, and school staff. The school community manifests a caring environment.

Verry Family

St. Francis has created such a fun and loving environment for our entire family.  We appreciate how much the teachers and staff commit to our children’s education. Thank you! 

Anaya Family

I love St. Francis because the kids receive a great education!

Garcia Family

St. Francis de Sales is a place that our children love attending.  It’s not just a school; it’s another home, where everyone knows your name.  It’s a place my children can pray, grow academically, and create life-long friendships.

Parrish Family

St. Francis has taught our son, Anthony, to be more kind and compassionate.  He has also learned empathy. We are very pleased with him learning more about his faith every day.

Will and Danielle Chaney

This is only our first year at SFDS but we could not be any happier.  My daughter has excelled in every aspect of life. Mrs. Thomas and the entire staff make you feel right at home.  What an amazing school! Thank you to everyone at SFDS for ALL that you do!! 

Oberling Family

SFDS provides a true Catholic education- teaching the whole student-mind, body, and soul in the very important years of a child’s development.

Barr Family

St. Francis has provided my child with a great education, outstanding values, and excellent religious morals.  We are very pleased in the direction the school is leading our child.

Wong Family

St. Francis de Sales School has provided our boys a faith-based environment to learn and grow spiritually, academically and socially.  The children thrive because the teachers and administrative staff ensure they have everything they need to learn.

Steinhiser Family

We absolutely love St. Francis de Sales School.  We feel very blessed to have found a second home here.  St. Francis de Sales has provided a high quality education for our daughter.  My daughter has been there since Kindergarten and all of her teachers have been outstanding.

Toledo Family

As Catholics, it is essential for our son to learn and enrich his Catholic faith.  We are thankful that St. Francis de Sales School provides a safe and nurturing educational environment that fulfills our need and fosters his academic growth.

Rathke Family

Over the past 10 years, we have put all three of our kids through St. Francis de Sales, never considering going anywhere else.  In addition to high academics, they focus on faith, leadership, service and responsibility. We are blessed to be a part of this community/family.

Emery Family

Saint Francis de Sales is dedicated to their students and community.  They provide a safe and loving environment for our students to learn and grow.  We love SFDS!

Widders/Wheeler Family

St. Francis has provided a solid foundation for my children. The small school atmosphere is invaluable. It just feels like home. 

Betke Family

By far, catholic schools outdo public schools in every subject.

Mena/DeAnta Family

St. Francis has taught my children discipline, compassion, patience, kindness, and grace.

Locatelli Family

St. Francis de Sales has provided my three children with a great foundation and love for learning, all while receiving a sold Catholic education. The teachers are very dedicated and supportive.  We feel blessed to be a part of this St. Francis de Sales family.

Laning Family

I am so thankful for having my kids at St. Francis de Sales!  This school has helped me reinforce proper values and morals for my kids.  For me it is a beautiful opportunity to see my children grow intelligently, physically, and spiritually. 

Martinez Family

St. Francis provides a good and challenging learning environment and a good religious foundation.

Moore Family

Our family feels very blessed that the boys have been able to attend St. Francis for the past seven years.  The academics, spirituality, teachers, and staff have been awesome! 

McEvoy Family

Sending our children to Catholic school was something we decided before we even had children.  St. Francis was an easy choice for us. All teachers are dedicated and genuinely care about the students.  The school community is a close family environment. The religious education has actively helped our family in installing faith to our children.  Overall, having our children attend SFDS has proven to be the best experience in our children’s life as well as our family’s.

Lopez Family

St. Francis has provided a wonderful environment for our children to grow in knowledge, inquisitiveness, and faith.  As a teacher myself, I know how rare such a character-building environment is. 

Ryan Family

We believe St. Francis de Sales School provides our child the best education we can obtain.  The school is instilling the values of discipline, hard work, commitment, and love for knowledge.  The school helps the students with their discovery of their faith and these qualities are priceless as they grow up to become valuable contributors to our community.

Pabustan Family

St. Francis is truly a family to us and our children. Not only do they challenge and prepare our girls academically, but we know our girls are made to feel loved and safe by the amazing faculty.

Medford Family

We have always felt very blessed and fortunate to have our children attend St. Francis.  This school provides a safe and caring environment, along with a great education.

Rosenberg Family

Our family has been blessed to attend SFDS the past 7 years.  The faculty and staff are kind, caring, and knowledgeable; sharing their gifts of faith, love, and intellect with our daughters.  Their time at SFDS has helped shape them into responsible, faith-filled Catholics and has prepared them for their academic future. 

Wendelboe Family

We chose to send our children to St. Francis because of the warm, open, and diverse environment.  It feels good to know that St. Francis supports the values, both spiritually and academically, that we instill at home.

Ramos Family

My kids have learned so much in the early grades that have prepared them for middle school.  The teachers are so dedicated to instilling these foundations in elementary school.

Doucet Family

So many reasons to choose a Catholic education, first and foremost, for me has been the continued dedication from the teachers cultivating a love of learning, as well as striving for academic excellence.  The catholic school education has also provided my sons with a good moral compass and has shown them the value of service to others. I highly recommend SFDS!

Molnar Family

Our son has been a student of St. Francis de Sales School since Kindergarten and we believe it has been one of the best decisions we made as parents.  The school provided not only an outstanding academic foundation but also an enriching spiritual experience. The school upholds the Catholic faith and values instilled in our home.   The school became our partner in molding our son’s character as a God-fearing human being. There is a sense of community where families learn, practice and share the Catholic faith not only in the classroom setting, but all throughout the school community. 

Buen Family

We are so thankful for St. Francis and all of their staff.  They have made a huge impact on our child’s education, spiritual walk and have given him life skills that will last a lifetime.  St. Francis is not only a school but a family. Every teacher is dedicated to giving every student an amazing education. Thank you St. Francis for 9 fabulous years!

Jackson Family

St. Francis provides spiritual needs for our children.  We believe in God first and then everything else will follow.  We are grateful for the strong academic foundation to help them develop into strong human beings who will serve God and strengthen their education.  We believe by learning weekly life skills, they will become strong leaders someday to their family and to their jobs.

Harrison/Villanueva Family

The faith based education St. Francis provides is second to none.  I can see the influence St. Francis has on my children each day and night.  The teachers and volunteers are outstanding and always approachable. I love hearing the teachers greet the students and parents by name each day.  You’re not just taking your kids to school; you’re taking them to a family.

Mee Family

St. Francis isn’t just a school, it’s a family.  Our kids have thrived at this school academically and spiritually.  As far as we are concerned this is the best school in Las Vegas.

Gardiner Family

St. Francis has taught our daughter impeccable manners, faith, and education.  The staff really seems to care and take interest in what is going on with the student’s Catholic education.  We have the highest level of gratitude. Thank you, St. Francis.

Burkhardt Family

St. Francis de Sales has provided an environment where my children feel extremely comfortable.  We, as parents, are proud to know our children are learning about faith and receiving a great education.  Thank you so much St. Francis de Sales for providing this school!

Rivera Family

St. Francis has been a second home for our family.  The teachers have been great and they always care about our kids.  St. Francis has done the best to provide all our children both spiritually and academically.  I thank all the teachers and staff for everything they do.

Anaya Family

The commitment to Catholic Education shows through the dedication and support the teachers and staff of St. Francis have shown my children.  Sending all 5 of my children to St. Francis has been a blessing!

Lambert Family

Sending our children to St. Francis has been one of the best decisions we have made.  The administration and staff are amazing and as an added bonus, they receive an outstanding education built on faith and spirituality.

Wells Family

We have been blessed to be a part of the SFDS Family for the last 15 years! The foundations they teach prepares students for a lifetime of success that will not only benefit and bless them but all those around them as well.  The school does a wonderful job in helping instill the Catholic character and identity in our 4 children. That has helped them in the next stages of their lives.

Sideco Family

This is my daughter’s first year at St. Francis.  She has been embraced by the students and staff. We are truly grateful for St. Francis de Sales School! This school has helped her out of her shell and she has been strengthened spiritually as well.  We love SFDS!

Chirpac Family

 St. Francis has been our home away from home.  We are very active at the school and truly love all the staff.  The education is unbeatable and the atmosphere is filled with love and kindness.  We could not be happier about sending our kids through the Catholic school system, especially at SFDS!

Delgado Family

We’ve been with St. Francis de Sales school for 12 years with our 5 kids.  We love the life skills and values that they teach in school. The teachers and administration have exceeded our expectations.  The school community supports one another, and I amazed at how they live their Catholic faith and provide academic excellence at the same time.

Angeles Family 

St. Francis has provided my children with a solid foundation in academics, religion, and life skills that they will use as they become successful adults.  The staff and the communication with parents are fantastic.

Sims Family    

St. Francis allows my children to achieve their best inside and outside the classroom.  The teachers serve as moral role models through actions. St. Francis reinforces the values of a Catholic family we started and maintain at home.  Integrity, honesty, accountability, responsibility, and discipline.

Cabrera-Heiring Family

Of the different schools considered, St. Francis stood out for its welcoming atmosphere during the admission process.  Once we enrolled, it became evident we made the right choice as we met teachers who cared about our children’s well-being, academic success, and faith formation. In addition, we met families who have become close friends, a support network, as we shared similar values and fully appreciate Catholic education. 

Cross Family

We are grateful for the love and support our kids receive and their spiritual growth and development. 

Jackson Family

Besides the amazing education, St. Francis is a family community the embraces every child for just how special they each are.  We absolutely love it here and are so thankful.

Thomas Family

Third generation to attend St. Francis and the same morals and beliefs have been taught throughout.  We are proud to be members of the community.

Friedman/Gilbert Family

St. Francis is more like a family.  The quality of education my daughter receives cannot compare to other schools in the valley. So glad we chose SFDS!

Gamble Family

As Jeri’s grandparents we feel that aside from a good academic education, it’s equally important to teach the Catholic faith to our children.  Therefore, St. Francis de Sales Catholic School has accomplished that goal for a child to become a good citizen and compassionate individual and teach the Catholic Faith to others by being humble and patient with others.

Vega Family

Our family has been going to St. Francis for over 30 years.  The education experience is unmatched. My kids have loved every teacher and they look forward to going to school.  St. Francis has become our family and we are so thankful.

Scott Family

My family is new to St. Francis de Sales.  We are delighted with this wonderful school.  Together the principal, teachers, and all the staff make this a great school not only academically speaking but spiritually as well.  My family feels so blessed to be a part of this big family.

Carrillo-Fierro Family

St. Francis has given my children a lifetime of friendships along with an exceptional education. St. Francis is providing my children with a beautiful childhood.  Growing up with their friends.

Abarca Family

We are so grateful for the love, patience, and care our kids receive at St. Francis.  Each teacher dedicates individual time to make sure the child gets all the help they need.  Wonderful teachers, wonderful school!

Ellis Family

As a child, I went to St. Francis and the good education gave me a strong base.  It also gave me a stronger relationship with God. It is exactly what I wanted for my daughter.  She loves SFDS!!

Godwin Family

St. Francis de Sales in not just a school, it is a home, with a lot of extended family.  SFDS gives our children a loving and safe environment to learn and grow. Our children are blessed to be able to have such loving, caring teachers that treat them like their own.  We love SFDS! 

Howard Family

St. Francis is an exceptional school academically and spiritually.  My kids love to go to school every day. We will always be grateful for the teachers of SFDS for what they do and going out of their way for our kids.  Thank you St. Francis de Sales, I am humbled to be a part of them.

Mote Family

Catholic education is important because it give a strong base for the kids at a young age.  Kids are not only given an education, the school starts at a young age teaching good morals and instills discipline and manners.  Kids learn to be leaders through things such as school, sports, and programs that make elder students be mentors to the younger kids.

Springer Family

Choosing to send our son to St. Francis has been the best decision for our family.  Sending him to a Catholic school allows us to work in partnership with the school to ensure that the values he learns at home is also being promoted at school.  We are continually impressed with the level of dedication, care, and enthusiasm of the administration and teachers. Our son is flourishing both spiritually and academically at St. Francis! 

Wachob Family 

We are very happy with the school and our child’s progress.  Thank you to Mrs. Larson and Miss Domschot that have helped us with our child’s progress. Thank you so much!

Duarte Family