St. Francis de Sales Christian Service Opportunities

Here at Saint Francis de Sales School, our students are immersed in community service.  While all students participate in school-wide projects, each class selects at least one additional service project while supporting both domestic and international causes through the American Red Cross.  This year our students have selected the following organizations to work with and learn from: St. Jude’s Ranch for Children (Kindergarten), Sunrise Children’s Hospital (1st Grade), Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation (2nd Grade), NSPCA (3rd Grade), Nevada Partnership for Homeless Youth (4th Grade), Nevada Blind Foundation (5th Grade), Women’s Resource Center (6th Grade), Shade Tree Shelter (7th Grade), and St. Therese Center (8th Grade).  Through these Christian Service opportunities, our children also learn the importance of essential life skills including compassion, tolerance, and responsibility.