You gave me something to eat.

“For I was hungry, and you gave Me something to eat” Matthew 25:35 

At St. Viator Parish School, we create a community that will empower children with responsibility, engage their compassion, and offer them the chance to affect the lives of others.  Our parents play a critical role in this process: 

  • To model Christian behavior for their child in the home and in social situations.
  • To take an active role in their child’s religious education and formation at school and in the parish by attending Mass on Sunday.
  • To participate regularly in religious celebrations sponsored by the school and the parish.
  • To involve themselves in the religious education and the formation of their children at home by supporting the religious instruction imparted at school.

Recognizing their responsibility in Christ, our parents through our active PTO, created a Homeless lunch program.  Each week our students from prekindergarten to 8th grade are encouraged to bring in donations, such as juice boxes or chips.  They gather in our cafeteria to make sandwiches and pack lunches that are picked up by Catholic Charities.  This past week our Kindergarteners did an amazing job with an added bonus of PREK decorating beautiful bags.  Our next Homeless Lunch will be next Tuesday, January 21st.