From The Office of Catholic Schools…

First and foremost, I pray that this post finds our families healthy and safe. I would especially like to take this opportunity to thank all of our Catholic school teachers and principals who have been working diligently as they successfully embrace this “new normal.”  While there are few things that are certain, I can assure you that our extraordinary principals and devoted teachers remain committed to the mission of Catholic education. 

Throughout this week, our teachers have been collaborating non-stop to provide the most efficient approaches to serve the needs of our students.  They have been utilizing all of the available technology and innovative strategies which have become the foundation of our strong academic and faith-filled programs.  Our principals and teachers continue to share their plans with regular updates to keep our families informed of Distance Learning plans.

We are incredibly grateful to our parents and students; we truly appreciate your prayers, patience, and kind messages of support.  Please keep our schools in prayer as we continue to keep all of you in our daily prayers.