National Doctors’ Day

Monday, March 30th, is National Doctors’ Day. In gratitude for the courageous and compassionate work that all caretakers are doing during this time of unprecedented crisis, we are sending this Blessing of a Caregiver as our prayer.  We ask you to forward it to all the Doctors and healthcare workers you know as an expression of our prayers – together with your own prayer.

A Blessing For Caregivers

May the wellspring of Compassion be opened in you. May soothing words find a home in you. May Tenderness bless you as you reach out to Comfort in body, mind and spirit. In the midst of fear or frustration may Courage be given you. May Patience keep vigil with you and Peace of Mind calm you. May your heart find a song to sing even when you are weary. May Abundant Love lift you and Gratitude bless you as you live the mission of Care entrusted to you.